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Malware Removal Techniques

Malware Removal Techniques

Malware Removal Techniques?

Malware is a kind of malicious software which can damage the computer systems of anyone.
Usually is gathers sensitive information, passwords, and search history of user. Usually it is bundled up with third party software and enters in your system when you download those third party software.

Pre-requisite- Backup your data.

  1. Take backup of the registry, so that you can initiate with restarting the system.
  2. After that open the system in safe boot mode and press F8.
  3. Check all the programs that load at the time of booting and stop them to run at the boot time.

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  1. Run Check Disk or Scandisk function, and find out the errors
  2. Post the scan function is completed you should make a registry back up again
  3. Then you should start deleting the temporary files, web browser cache, Active X controls, and also empty recycle bin of all the users
  4. Then should also clean the folder of java cache of all the Windows users.

Malware removal stepsThere are three major steps to remove it

  1. Enter Safe Mode-Make sure to disconnect your PC or laptop from any internet connection you are using. Do so by unplugging any wired connections, and switching off Wi-Fi on your laptop. Now start to boot the Windows’ Safe Mode.
  2. Delete temporary files-Deleting temp files will speed up virus scanning, free disk space and may even delete malware. A) Select Start, B) All Programs (or just Programs), C) Accessories, D) System Tools, E) Disk Cleanup. And choose to delete temporary files.
  3. Download and run Malwarecrusher-. To started, connect to the web so you can download, install, and update Malwarecrusher. But make sure to disconnect from the internet again before you start scanning. To be extremely sure and safe, the best process is to download Malwarecrusher on another computer, save it to a USB flash drive, and take the flash drive to the infected computer.
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    How to remove browser hijacker ????
    This will also let you remove all kinds of browser hijackers from your system.
    Once the Malwarecrusher is downloaded, run the setup file and follow the instruction to install the program. Once installed, Malwarecrusher will check for updates and launch the app itself. It will give you a message about the database being outdated, select Yes to download the updates and then click OK when prompted that they have been successfully installed. Once program has completed its scan it will ask for a full scan or a quick scan, as tech support we recommend Quick scan. If Malwarecrusher’ quick scan results doesn’t find any infections, it will show you a text file containing the scan results, glance at thoroughly these results to confirm that the antivirus program successfully removed each item. Malwarecrusher may also prompt you to restart your PC in order to complete the removal process, which you should do.